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3 Reasons To Invest In A Custom Hydraulic Cylinder

Performance is important when it comes to the quality of your hydraulic machinery. The condition and composition of the hydraulic cylinder within each machine can have a direct impact on the efficiency of that machine over time. 

Investing in a custom hydraulic cylinder for your machinery can provide access to a number of benefits that aren't available through traditional hydraulic cylinders.

1. Varying Load Capacities

One of the biggest reasons why custom hydraulic cylinders are becoming so popular is the ability these cylinders have to accommodate varying load capacities. You will be able to specify the exact number of horsepower required to power your machinery efficiently when you invest in a custom hydraulic pump.

A custom pump can also give you the opportunity to control stroke length and rod design. Each of these elements will help determine the load capacity of the hydraulic cylinder itself.

If you place unique demands on your hydraulic machinery, a custom hydraulic cylinder will allow your machines to more fully meet these demands in the future.

2. Extreme Temperature Tolerances

The environment in which a hydraulic cylinder operates can have a direct impact on the life span of the cylinder itself. If your work environment includes exposure to extreme temperatures, then a custom hydraulic cylinder could be beneficial.

Custom cylinders are manufactured to have a wide range when it comes to temperature tolerances. You won't have to worry about extreme heat or cold interfering with the performance of your hydraulic machinery when you choose to invest in a custom hydraulic cylinder.

3. Increased Dependability

The more dependable your hydraulic cylinder is, the less downtime your machinery will experience over time.

Custom hydraulic cylinders tend to be extremely dependable. This dependability is often attributed to the custom seals, mountings, port sizes, and valves found on custom cylinders. Adjusting the measurement of each of these components can maximize hydraulic performance.

You won't have to shut down your machinery as often for major repairs with a custom cylinder, which means you aren't losing out on as much profit as you would be if you went with a traditional hydraulic cylinder for your machinery.

Don't let the cost of a custom hydraulic cylinder prevent you from enjoying the many benefits these custom components can offer. Investing in a custom hydraulic cylinder will improve the efficiency of your machinery and help you to maximize the quality of the work that you complete each day.

Contact a local hydraulic cylinder manufacturer to learn more.