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Maintenance Tips That Can Keep Water Wells Functioning Great

If you have a water well on your commercial site or residential property, then you want to ensure it always works smoothly. Then, when water is needed in the remote location that you're surrounded by, you'll always be able to get it. These water well tips can get you started.

Keep an Eye on Drainage Around Well

For a well to function properly, the area surrounding it needs to be structured in a way that allows for proper drainage. If this aspect is messed up — even just a little — then contaminants could go back into the well and cause contamination.

You need to avoid this by keeping an eye on drainage around the well. If the landscaping isn't sloped properly to where water or contaminants move away from the well, address this issue as quickly as possible. Fix the slope so that you don't have to worry about backflow issues.

Check For Bacteria Regularly

It's quite possible that bacteria could enter the well system somehow and then affect the water's purity. For this reason, it's a good precautionary measure to check for bacteria on a regular basis. You'll then know the exact purity of water coming from the well.

A company can come out and professionally test your water directly. Or, you can order a bacteria test kit and perform the gathering yourself. Then, you can just send out this sample to a testing company and you'll get the results back quickly. If bacteria are present, the well needs to be professionally treated.

Inspect Well Cap

Every water well today will have some type of covering above it, often referred to as the cap. It's important that this component always is structurally sound because it acts as a form of protection against things like contaminants.

Every couple of months throughout the year, inspect the condition of this cap as thoroughly as you can. If it's structurally damaged, it needs to be repaired. If there is a lot of damage, then you may have to replace this water well cap entirely. 

Water wells are often positioned on properties or worksites that are remote and thus, don't have access to water via traditional systems. If you have a water well and wish it to work perfectly for years and years, a maintenance schedule is required. Make sure it's thorough and covers the right systems and parts. 

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