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Options Available For Products That Need Custom Tubing

Custom plastic tubing is used in a broad range of industries from food and beverages to the medical industry. Fortunately, if you need your own custom plastic tubing for your business, ordering the exact type of tubing for your needs is not difficult. 

Decide On the Right Color

Custom plastic tubing can come in any type of color you may need by using a color swatch. You may need a particular color so that your tube can be identified amid other tubes and your manual might state that a particular tube is a specific color. Custom tubing solutions can also have anything you want printed on the side of the tube such as important technical information or a brand logo.

Tube Sizing

Tubes often need to come in different sizes based on your unique application. This includes the length of the tube and diameter. Your tube materials can also be extruded.

Tube Coiling

Rather than have tubes that are perfectly straight, tube coiling allows for you to save space and also reduces the risk that the coils will become tangled. When tubes are coiled, they can be bent or tugged and will still maintain the same shape. This makes them ideal for use in machinery with moving parts.


In some cases, you will have several tubes that you need to keep together. This problem can be solved through the use of bundling. This saves space, protects the tubes and also reduces installation time.

Bonding and Cutting

You may need to have custom-length tubes cut or you may need to combine two different tubes. These tubes will need to be bonded together in a manner that is seamless and polished. Fortunately, custom plastic tubing allows you to overcome this.

Complex Plastic Tubes

Some plastic tubes need a design that is more complex than the conventional plastic tube design. You might need an oval or round plastic tube. Or, you might need a tube that is constructed using a shape that isn't easily described. You may also need a custom wall thickness. They can also be formed into any shape you may need.

If you are not sure what you need, the best decision is to contact a custom tube manufacturer, like Seiler Plastics, to describe what you want. The manufacturer will be able to inform you about the traits that you can give your plastic tubes so they can serve your intended purpose.