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Why Black Oxide Finishes Are Great for Metal

When working with metal items, it's often smart to add a nice finish. There are so many different finishes that can be used on metal that you might be a bit unsure of where to start when choosing one. Of course, all of the different finishing techniques and options that are out there have their benefits, so it isn't a bad idea to look into all of them. You might find that it's a good idea to use different finishing techniques for different situations, based on the type of metal that you're working with and what you will be using the item for. Of the different options that you might want to explore, you might want to learn more about the black oxide finishing technique for these reasons and more.

1. It Works Well With Different Metals

Although some finishing techniques might be better for non-ferrous metals, many people like black oxide finish because they work great on all different ferrous metals. This means that you can use black oxide as a finishing technique with copper, stainless steel, and more. If you work with a lot of metal items that are made from all different types of ferrous metals, you don't have to worry about switching up finishing techniques based on the metal; instead, you should find that black oxide finishes work well on all of them.

2. It Can Be Applied in Different Ways

A black oxide finish can be applied in a few different ways. It can be applied when it's at room temperature, so no special equipment is needed to heat it up. However, some benefits go along with applying it at mid-temperature or hot temperature, so these methods are often used for applying black oxide, too.

3. It Provides Corrosion Resistance 

If you are thinking about adding a finish to a metal item, one reason why you might be thinking about doing so could be because you are concerned about rust and corrosion. With some metals and when metal items are used for some uses, this is a legitimate concern. However, the good news is that black oxide can be used to provide corrosion resistance. If it's mixed with oil or wax, it can provide even better corrosion resistance, if you want to ensure that your metal item is kept as safe as possible from rust and corrosion, such as if you know that you'll be using the item outdoors or in a wet environment.