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3 Tips For Buying Shoulder Bolts And Screws For Industrial Use

Part of being involved in the operation of industrial business is purchasing all of the necessary parts that are required to keep machinery and equipment up and running. Not only does this include bigger parts, but it includes small fasteners and accessories, such as shoulder bolts and screws. If it's time for you to purchase shoulder bolts and screws for use in your industrial business but if you aren't sure of what to look for or which parts to buy, consider these three helpful tips.

1. Make Sure They are True Shoulder Bolts and Screws

In some industrial applications, it is a necessity to use shoulder bolts and screws in particular. This is because these bolts and screws are designed to be used with the moving parts that are so common in industrial settings. Therefore, if you are going to be using the fasteners with a pulley system or some other types of moving parts, it is important to look for shoulder bolts and screws specifically. You can identify them in comparison to other screws and fasteners by looking for screws that are only partially threaded. The non-threaded part is designed to prevent issues with moving parts.

2. Make Sure They are the Appropriate Size

Sizing is something else that you should pay attention to when buying shoulder bolts and screws. Shoulder bolts and screws come in a variety of different sizes, although you might notice that there are more options available in larger sizes. This is because larger shoulder bolts and screws are often more popular for industrial use. Even if you need smaller shoulder bolts and screws, though, you should be able to find them. Gather specific measurements for the shoulder bolts and screws that you need so that you will know what to look for.

3. Look for a Durable Construction

Shoulder bolts and screws can go through pretty heavy-duty use. When they are used with moving parts, there might be some friction and grinding that can cause screws that aren't well-made to wear out quickly. To make sure that your shoulder bolts and screws work reliably, it is best to look for those that are made for heavy-duty use. Inquire about the type of metal that your shoulder bolts and screws are made out of, and consider feeling them to determine if they feel durable and strong. Carefully choosing well-made shoulder bolts and screws will help you avoid problems with your machinery and will allow you to avoid having to swap them out prematurely.