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What Sets Marine Fasteners Apart From Standard Fasteners?

Whether you are looking for fasteners that you can use at home, in your commercial business, or in an industrial setting, you probably already know that there are a ton of different fasteners that you can buy. While looking for fasteners to use for your purposes, you might have come across marine fasteners, and you might have wondered what they should be used for. You could even be wondering what the difference is between standard fasteners and marine fasteners. You could even be wondering if marine fasteners might work well for a project that you are working on. If you are curious, these are some of the things that set marine fasteners apart from standard fasteners.

They Aren't Prone to Rust

One of the main differences that you will see between marine fasteners and many other types of fasteners is that marine fasteners are not nearly as prone to rust. You might have seen old bolts, screws, and other fasteners that were rusty in the past. Fasteners that can rust over time simply will not work well for most marine applications; in fact, because of the constant exposure to moisture, these fasteners can become rusty a lot more quickly than they probably would if they were used for other purposes. 

They're Very Durable

Durability is important with marine fasteners. After all, if an important fastener fails while a boat is in the water, devastating and even life-threatening issues could occur. Additionally, performing maintenance on a boat isn't always easy, so it is nice to have fasteners and parts in place that don't have to be replaced very often. Even if you are planning on using fasteners for jobs that don't involve boats or the water, you could probably benefit from this durability. For example, if you use durable marine fasteners for a building project, you can help make sure that the structure is well built. If you use marine fasteners for making products in an industrial setting, you can help make sure that those products hold up well over the long term.

They Come in Different Sizes

When buying fasteners, you will probably find a lot of options in very specific sizes. Marine fasteners often come in different sizes than standard fasteners do, since they are designed to work with popular boat parts and equipment. If you are looking for oddly sized fasteners, you may find that you can find the size that you are looking for by looking at marine fasteners.