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Mark Your Territory: 4 Reasons You Need a Fence and Access-Control Gates Around Your Property

Fences and gates allow you to mark your territory. They also improve the look and value of your property. In addition to those benefits, here are four other benefits you'll enjoy when you install a fence and access-control gates around your property.  

Eliminate Loitering

If you live near a bus stop and you don't have a fence and gates around your property, you may find that people use your yard as a resting place while they wait for their ride. That might not seem like a big problem when there are only one or two people. However, it can become a big problem when there are multiple people trespassing in your yard on a daily basis. Installing a fence with controlled access gates will help eliminate the loitering and trespassing. 

Prevent Illegal Parking

If you live near a school and parents pick up their children in your neighborhood, you need a fence with a secure access-controlled gate. When parents run out of parking space along the street, they may utilize driveways to sit and wait for their children to get out of school. Unfortunately, that makes it impossible for you to use your own driveway. Not only that, but it increases your risk for liability, especially if someone is injured while parking on your property. Prevent the illegal parking by installing a fence and access-controlled gates around your property. 

Avoid Drive-Thru Traffic

Motorists often drive through unprotected corner property as a way to cut their travels short. Unfortunately, that means you end up with tire tracks through your yard. It also means that you're at an increased risk for accidents and injuries on your property. In addition to the motorists, pedestrians may also use your corner property as a short cut. To avoid the trespassing and the drive-thru traffic, be sure to invest in a fence and access-controlled gates around your home.

Provide Private Space

If you want to provide yourself with some private space in your yard, create a secret garden for yourself. You can do that by installing a privacy fence and gate around one area of your yard. Privacy fences and gates allow you to enjoy a place that's free from prying eyes, which is great when you have a spa or hot tub that you want to relax in late at night.

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